Saturday, January 14, 2012

Victoria Secret Hair...???

I always try to figure out exactly "what" hair style I actually have?! You would think that having long hair you should automatically have a "style" b/c you have lots of options. Well, I guess you do have options...but, as most long haired ladies would agree, most times it ends up in a pony tail!

So, in attempt to get some "Va-Va-Voooommm" action goin' on with my hair, I wanted to try out the ol' "pin-curl" technique with the flat iron!

It's fast and easy! PLUS, it's a cute look for short and long haired gal's alike!

Would love to see some comments of those that give it a go!! Good Luck! :)

All you need is a Flat Iron and Hair Spray.
(A heat protection spray can be used if you like)

I like "chunky" waves, so I grab more hair. You can grab less if you want smaller waves.

Without "twisting" your hair, just grab it and roll it around 2 fingers.

Carefully clamp your flat iron around the "curl". Only leave it in there about 3-4 seconds. I was going for a softer curl, so I didn't heat the hair too much.

This is what it should look like after you let go. I would a little hair spray after each curl.

Half way done. It goes pretty fast!



  1. I was always wondering how to do the wave look.. thanks for the tip!! I'm going to go try it. :)

  2. Awesome! Would luv to see picts how it turns out! :)