Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Say I Wont...


ps. Im down 11lbs now in 3 weeks!! Cant wait to drop more!! :)

OH..and..I'm SOOO close to earning my BMW...I'M ECSTATIC!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Steps

Thought for the night..

Finding Inspiration..

So I started this blog with just the intent of only thinking it would be about my 90 Day Weight Loss Transformation, but I feel things are starting to shift inside.

I love all things crafty, things that inspire, and things that make me excited about my life..

Changes start to happen on such a different level when you change your perspective on "food" and eating habits. Have you ever noticed that? So many things revolved around food and equating eating to having fun and happiness. When you take that away, you can be left feeling empty, grumpy, and honestly like life isn't so much fun when you cant look forward to "eating out, having a drink, or making a dessert for dinner."

But, I've realized that I use food as a reward..every day...day after day...ha! And, that's not a healthy relationship...or perspective!

One of my goals this year was to always try to have a bright and healthy perspective on life, even when things didn't look so bright. But, all the while, I was not truly realizing that I have an unhealthy relationship with food and my emotions. I needed to change that, it was time, and I knew it.

I have been wholeheartedly, and very obviously choosing to ignore the fact that I feed/"reward" myself to suppress STRESS and emotions...like so many of us do. There is ALWAYS a reason to need a "little pick me up"..mostly for me in the shape of a Blue Bell ice cream container! And always, when it comes to food, is ALWAYS too much!!

I feel so fearless in so many other parts of my life and couldn't figure out WHY I couldn't get that "part" of my life under control. I like control. Maybe it's b/c it was the one thing I COULD control?!?

We have areas in our lives where we wear a Super Woman cape, and we just need to find it. Or in my case, I need to transfer it over to a different department (the weight loss dept) ...oh, and maybe a different size..for now! :)

But I'm realizing that I am strong enough to change things I don't like about myself, even when part of me had just given up and put that emotion the very HIGHEST, almost unreachable , top shelf!

My point is, get ladder, reach for your superwoman cape, get it down and dust it off! I have a feeling the longer you wear it, the better it fits, and the more you believe your living up to the super power capabilities you thought you didn't posses!

So, in recognition of my "shifting perspective" and replacing "UN-healthy habits," with things that are "crafty, inspire, and make me excited about my life"...here are some things that do just that! :)

9 POUNDS DOWN and Butterfinger Shakes!

WOOP WOOP!! Down 9 pounds in just over 2 weeks on my Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge! Hey, 9 pounds closer to my goal, AND, 9 pounds closer to winning a Transformation prize!! HAHA! :)

I'm honestly thinking this is really the easiest "diet" I have ever done!

I love the shakes, love the variety, and love the simpleness of it all!

I drank a Butterfinger Shake last night...oh my...can I say DELIGHTFUL!

I truly feel like I could do this indefinitely, and that makes me excited to think that I might be able to make the "healthy" switch this time around!

It doesn't hurt that I am EXTREMELY motivated by the fact that I can win "part" of the $25Million giveaway to top transformations. I'm motivated by rewards! So for anybody out there that feels the same in that respect...I say...GO FOR IT!!!! Somebody's got to win, why not you!!

I'm following a low carb "lifestyle" along with my shakes. That means, no bread, sugars, and keeping my carb count low. But, for me...I LOVE meat..so it makes it easier b/c I still have wings, steak, chicken..etc, and my FAVORITE "Bryers Carb-Smart" fudgecicles! YUMMY!

Anyone who wants to get started...what are you waiting for...



My new FAV shake recipe! (I like it most when Im craving "dessert" not ness for breakfast! :)

Another low carb desert ...can you tell I love deserts?!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentines Subway Art..FREE PRINTABLE!

I LOVE subway art! I switch the signs out of a frame in my dining room every Holiday! They look so cute and festive.

Here's the trick...Save the "Art" to your computer, send it to Sam's Club/Costco Photo Lab, and order it in a Poster Size. It's less that $6 for a 18x20! Easy and cheap way to decorate!

Right click to save to computer :)

Just an example of the frame I change out in my dining room! Yes, it still has the Christmas Subway Art in it. Will be putting the V-Day Art in next!! :)


One more pound down...Total is 7 now in 11 days...I'm Happy.


2 Words...


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Victoria Secret Hair...???

I always try to figure out exactly "what" hair style I actually have?! You would think that having long hair you should automatically have a "style" b/c you have lots of options. Well, I guess you do have options...but, as most long haired ladies would agree, most times it ends up in a pony tail!

So, in attempt to get some "Va-Va-Voooommm" action goin' on with my hair, I wanted to try out the ol' "pin-curl" technique with the flat iron!

It's fast and easy! PLUS, it's a cute look for short and long haired gal's alike!

Would love to see some comments of those that give it a go!! Good Luck! :)

All you need is a Flat Iron and Hair Spray.
(A heat protection spray can be used if you like)

I like "chunky" waves, so I grab more hair. You can grab less if you want smaller waves.

Without "twisting" your hair, just grab it and roll it around 2 fingers.

Carefully clamp your flat iron around the "curl". Only leave it in there about 3-4 seconds. I was going for a softer curl, so I didn't heat the hair too much.

This is what it should look like after you let go. I would a little hair spray after each curl.

Half way done. It goes pretty fast!




Seems funny that this can inspire a little motivation in me:)

When you do the Body By Vi Challenge, you get a little green bracelet. Corny, right??...BUT, It has numbers on it with a little whole punched next to each #. It goes from 5-25 and it represents POUNDS lost! I actually found myself getting excited to be able to put my little "button marker" next to the 5!

Its like an everyday reminder, challenging me to make it to 10, 15, 20, and 25! Pretty Cool! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Working for me....




Keep in mind..

I will keep this picture in mind as well when I'm feeling like a peice of Cake! Killer legs!!! ;)

What I feel like...

First of all, let me just start with saying I LOVE PINTEREST! AND....this picture pretty much is the first thing that came to mind when I started my 90 Day Challenge and then exercising. Its not a pretty sight. HA!

I'm doing the Body By Vi 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Starting the new year I was VERY hesitant to even try making another Resolution to get in shape and lose weight! BUT, a friend of mine (Jenny Lynn/Ms. Fitness Olympia) introduced me to Visalus, and the Challenge, I felt a glimmer of hope seep in.

I own a Sunless Company that I build from the ground up. I'm a smart, successful, busy business women, so why why why when it comes to losing weight, can I be so self defeating? I can run a business like no other, help people feel good about themselves and motivate them, but what about me? Seems like ONLY when it comes to weight loss, I hit a brick wall!

So when I started looking in to the Body By Vi Challenge, did see some things that might fit in to my crazy lifestyle and might, just might, help me change my habits!

#1 Replace 2 meals a day with Nutritional Shakes.
-I loved the concept BUT ONLY if the shakes were good. Luckily they are GREAT!!
I have NO time and HATE cooking for just myself when my family/kids are gone during the day. I'm busy, and lazy I guess, so I ended up just not eating until late afternoon. NO GOOD!

#2 $25MILLION in Prizes and Vacations!!
-Here was part of my motivation factor! Talk about the competitive side coming out. Not only do you lose weight on the Challenge and enjoy the benefits of a new you, BUT, just for joining, you can enter yourself in the Before and After Transformation Contest! IT's free. Post your bef/after (which I HATE the dreaded before pict)...post your after when you finish your 90 Days, and WIN $25MILLION Dollars worth of Prizes and Vacation! I'm IN!!!

#3 Nutrition
-I know that even if/when I diet, I don't eat everything I need to be eating to feed my body the nutrition it needs! These shakes give you so much nutrition (with only 90 calories) AND..they are great for kids too! (and YES, they will drink them as well..they love em'!) You can make them taste like a chocolate milkshake! Mix it with water, juice, skim milk, almond milk., and add frozen fruit, fresh fruit, ice, pumpkin puree, oatmeal, yogurt..etc!

#4 Variety
-There are over 300 shake recipes! No need to crave something, just look it up, make it up or create it...ie. banana creme pie, apple pie, I love being able to switch it up...although right now I love banana..tastes like a banana milkshake!

#5 Business Opportunity
-I've been approached with many "work from home" over the years, but none were very interesting to me. Something about this business caught my eye! Being a business owner myself, I don't claim to know everything, but, I do know when a Company is on the right track. Visalus is. I have never jumped on board so fast, but let me tell you, this Company is going somewhere! They will likely hit $1BILLION dollars this year, had %5000 growth in the last 2 years AND Visalus is backed by the billion dollar publicly traded Company Blyth, Inc! Pay attention people, if this sounds good to you, don't hesitate to join the Revolution! Its amazing!

So, with those top 5 reasons, it sounded like something for me!

Monday I made the decision to make a change, and take the "Challenge"! I do like a Challenge, the competitive side of me emerges, and I love it! I haven't felt like this in a long time.

Since Monday I'm already down 5 pounds! I'm on a roll! I have exercised every day, felt full after every shake and meal, but most of all I'm feeling like I'm out of a "haze", or "sugar cloud" as I like to call it. I'm feeling more clear headed and focused.

Bikini this summer.....maybe so..hahahah

Check it out: www.lifesmart.bodybyvi.com