Wednesday, January 25, 2012

9 POUNDS DOWN and Butterfinger Shakes!

WOOP WOOP!! Down 9 pounds in just over 2 weeks on my Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge! Hey, 9 pounds closer to my goal, AND, 9 pounds closer to winning a Transformation prize!! HAHA! :)

I'm honestly thinking this is really the easiest "diet" I have ever done!

I love the shakes, love the variety, and love the simpleness of it all!

I drank a Butterfinger Shake last night...oh my...can I say DELIGHTFUL!

I truly feel like I could do this indefinitely, and that makes me excited to think that I might be able to make the "healthy" switch this time around!

It doesn't hurt that I am EXTREMELY motivated by the fact that I can win "part" of the $25Million giveaway to top transformations. I'm motivated by rewards! So for anybody out there that feels the same in that respect...I say...GO FOR IT!!!! Somebody's got to win, why not you!!

I'm following a low carb "lifestyle" along with my shakes. That means, no bread, sugars, and keeping my carb count low. But, for me...I LOVE it makes it easier b/c I still have wings, steak, chicken..etc, and my FAVORITE "Bryers Carb-Smart" fudgecicles! YUMMY!

Anyone who wants to get started...what are you waiting for...


My new FAV shake recipe! (I like it most when Im craving "dessert" not ness for breakfast! :)

Another low carb desert ...can you tell I love deserts?!

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