Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding Inspiration..

So I started this blog with just the intent of only thinking it would be about my 90 Day Weight Loss Transformation, but I feel things are starting to shift inside.

I love all things crafty, things that inspire, and things that make me excited about my life..

Changes start to happen on such a different level when you change your perspective on "food" and eating habits. Have you ever noticed that? So many things revolved around food and equating eating to having fun and happiness. When you take that away, you can be left feeling empty, grumpy, and honestly like life isn't so much fun when you cant look forward to "eating out, having a drink, or making a dessert for dinner."

But, I've realized that I use food as a reward..every after day...ha! And, that's not a healthy relationship...or perspective!

One of my goals this year was to always try to have a bright and healthy perspective on life, even when things didn't look so bright. But, all the while, I was not truly realizing that I have an unhealthy relationship with food and my emotions. I needed to change that, it was time, and I knew it.

I have been wholeheartedly, and very obviously choosing to ignore the fact that I feed/"reward" myself to suppress STRESS and so many of us do. There is ALWAYS a reason to need a "little pick me up"..mostly for me in the shape of a Blue Bell ice cream container! And always, when it comes to food, is ALWAYS too much!!

I feel so fearless in so many other parts of my life and couldn't figure out WHY I couldn't get that "part" of my life under control. I like control. Maybe it's b/c it was the one thing I COULD control?!?

We have areas in our lives where we wear a Super Woman cape, and we just need to find it. Or in my case, I need to transfer it over to a different department (the weight loss dept) ...oh, and maybe a different size..for now! :)

But I'm realizing that I am strong enough to change things I don't like about myself, even when part of me had just given up and put that emotion the very HIGHEST, almost unreachable , top shelf!

My point is, get ladder, reach for your superwoman cape, get it down and dust it off! I have a feeling the longer you wear it, the better it fits, and the more you believe your living up to the super power capabilities you thought you didn't posses!

So, in recognition of my "shifting perspective" and replacing "UN-healthy habits," with things that are "crafty, inspire, and make me excited about my life" are some things that do just that! :)

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