Friday, January 25, 2013


When I first started my Sunless Tanning Business, I was a little naive, as many are when starting your first business.  I poured ALL my time and energy in to making it a success.   As time passes, your business grows and you learn what to do, what not to do, and WHERE to spend you time...and where NOT to spend your time for that matter!

As my business grew, I felt overwhelmed at times.  I felt guilty for not spending more time with my kids, always being on the phone, taking appointments, and trying to figure out where to focus my marketing efforts.

Do you know what I came to realize?  #1  How important marketing is to the success of your business, BUT, HOW MUCH TIME IT CAN SAVE YOU IF ITS DONE RIGHT, AND, how much more MONEY you can make by doing it right!  Learning HOW to market my business through Empower Network is HANDS DOWN the BEST thing I have ever done to learn how to bring MORE MONEY in my business, and MARKET more EFFECTIVELY!

I'm a stay-at-home mom, who just wanted to make some extra money and to be able to STAY at home with my kids. I had, and still have that entrepreneurial FIRE lit in me that wanted to start "something of my own"  back in 2009 when my kids started school!
No matter what you goal is, whether it's to start a business, bring in some extra $$$, be able to quit your part or full time job, OR  just be able to make enough money to pay your mortgage payment, (love that one btw) you just need a plan!  Focus on what it is you want to accomplish FIRST...narrow it down, and then determine WHY you want more out of life, or your finances!

WHY do you need a "WHY"???   Because, without a REASON for you to take action, you WONT TAKE ACTION!  You not only have to find your "why", but you have to find your DESPERATE why!...A reason so strong that no matter what comes up, or how "hard" something is, you wont stop until you reach your goal!

My REASON and my ABSOLUTE WHY is my Family!   A lot of people's "why" is for that reason, but, not just because..."oh, I guess its my family because I love them" no..thats NOT STRONG ENOUGH!

I have 2 little boys who want to see their dad more!  The Mr. works about 65 hours a week.  They never wake up to him at home in the mornings before school and are almost in bed by the time he gets home! My oldest is in 6th grade and I can probably count on ONE HAND how many times his dad has been able to take him to school or pick him up! May sound trite to some, but to kids, its a BIG deal!  His J.O.B. requires almost ALL of his time. I think that is UNACCEPTABLE!   I believe we are here to ENJOY life!  We will have a life that is "abnormal" to most, but it's only because THAT is our GOAL!  We had to narrow our focus, realize what it was we wanted out of life, find our DESPERATE WHY, and then be WILLING to take ACTION!  :)
Everybody can do that!  I have learned we ALL have EVERYTHING we need inside of us to give us ANYTHING we want in this life...ANYTHING at all!!  Isn't that magical?  I think so!  You just have to know how to tap in to that power!


I found MY power, and my passion in helping others who had the same desire's as I did. Those who wanted more out of life. In addition to being a SUPER-MOM or DAD, you can run a successful business, be an excellent wife or husband,  supplement the household income  (or be the bread winner :), quit your J.O.B and live the life of your dreams!  Its ALL at your FINGER TIPS!  Just decide!


Make TODAY the day you DECIDE to change! FOCUS and narrow down what it is you want to accomplish, and find out what your DESPERATE WHY is!  Then be ready to TAKE ACTION!  Opportunity awaits you at every corner, just decide!
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