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It all started with Horses...

Back in 2009, I had been a stay at home mom since my oldest son was born in 2001 (minus a 2yr waitress’ing “gig” to make ends meet).   I had ALWAYS had that entrepreneurial spirit since I was a child!  I had a massive LOVE for horses when I was younger. A friend and I (who shared the same “horse fever” as me)  hung around a neighborhood stables long enough until they finally felt bad enough for us to let us in!

This kind man, Mr. Yost,  let us in with a warning though… some of his horses were rescues or wild horses that had never been cared for and were not used to people, much less kids! They were unruly, and UN-trusting!  I didn’t care.  I was just happy he finally let us in! lol!

I spent before school, after school and my summer days, all day, every day there just brushing the horses, bringing them carrots, walking them, exercising them in the round pen, mucking stalls, building trust,  but mostly giving them love and attention, which they DEEPLY needed! But, oddly enough, in return, I was filling the gaping hole in my heart due to “horse fever” lol. I had wanted and BEGGED my mom for my own horse for years! It was ALL I wanted!  She was a single mother of 2  and couldn’t POSSIBLY begin to afford to feed and board a horse!  We lived with my grandparents, my mom was in college full time,  and my brother and I we perfectly happy living with our g-parents, Mun and Pop! Love them! :)

It may sound crazy, but what happened in that summer and from then on out, when I was maybe 9 yrs old,  is what truly IGNITED my entrepreneurial spirit!  Even if I didn’t realize it at that point, I learned that if you help others get what they want, you will get what you want!
These UN-trusting, unruly, uncared for horses just needed to know they could trust someone.  Mr. Yost was astounded.  These poor creatures who were mistreated,  never even knew what a saddle was, a rope, halter, or what it meant to trust, were now kind, gentle, trusting.  I showed them they needed me, and I needed them.  I gave them what they wanted, and in return I got what I wanted.  We were just two 10 year old girls who gained trust from an adult, and love from the animals in return!  We were able to ride them, feed them by hand and really had just socialized them.  Mr. Yost was able to sell them to good owners and attributed it all to us!
All the while I was learning a valuable lessons…again, That when you give someone what they want, you get what you want in return.
All I had truly WANTED the whole time, was my own horse. SO BAD I could taste it!  My mom couldn’t afford it.  BUT, I found a way,…  by mucking stalls, working, giving my time, attention and love, I actually came to “own” 5 horses without paying a DIME!  In FACT, they ended up paying ME for cleaning stalls and doing “stable” work! HA…  Just for doing what I wanted to do anyways!  That was more than I could have EVER asked for!
Now isn’t that the TRUE lesson in business and life?
  • Do you want to get paid for what you love doing?
  • Do you conceive, believe and achieve what you want?
  • Are you getting what you want out of life?
If you answered “NO” to any of the above..please keep reading and check out the link below!


In 2009 both my little boys were now in school!  I had always wanted to start my own business, but it was important to me to still be home for them.  I had contemplated LOTS of ideas.  After talking to my cousin on the phone one day, she was complaining about how she couldn’t “tan” and hated it!  Skin cancer runs in her family, and she just wanted to be able to have a bronze! lol   We hung up, and it got my wheels turning!  I started researching, and long story short, I started a Mobile Spray Tanning Business.
I was able to work it part-time in the evenings when my husband came home from work, and on the weekends. I marketed my business and worked my tail off…and it boomed!  Four months later I hired my first employee, and 8 months later I started creating my own Sunless line of Retail Products!  I had generated so much interest in what I was doing, EVERY body was asking me how to start their own business.  That’s when the “Bronzed Envy Business Kits” were born!  I was marketing my business kits on blogs, websites, facebook, etc!

My 2nd yr in business, I was making a 6-figure/yr income!  All, PART-TIME from home!

When it all started!
me n craig

My business was featured on 3 Austin News Stations!

One of the AWESOME Products in my Line!

I was doing GREAT! BUT, what I found as I moved from a “local, mobile spray tan business”, to a “Nationwide and Beyond” that it was becoming harder and took longer to market!  Learning how to market your business online is a NECESSITY, but is NOT easy!

If you own a business, I can guess what you do!  Hands down,…. YOU ARE A MARKETER!  Am I right? :)  Of course I am!  If you said, “nope, I own a gym, I own a store”…then your not doing well in your business.  I can guess that bc to be SUCCESSFUL in business, you ABSOLUTELY MUST MARKET!   And not only market, but market efficiently, effectively and to the RIGHT audience!!

After ALL the marketing I’ve done over the years for my business’s…all the HOURS I’ve spent 
researching how to market online, how to get on Google, how to get people to your website, how to blog…EMPOWER NETWORK’S SYSTEM is the most COMPLETE, SIMPLE, and EASY system to follow! PERIOD!


Don’t WASTE ANY more of your precious time!  Even if you know NOTHING about Online marketing,…you HAVE to learn!  It’s the way of the future and if you want a thriving business, you must market!   You must keep up with the times, if not, you will get LEFT BEHIND!!
PLEASE check this out NOW!  You will be glad you did! :)

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  1. These are great points: conceive, believe, and achieve. The question is how. First, you would need to conceptualize your goals, like how you would stay in touch with your target market. One obvious solution is through social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Second, believe that through word of mouth, you can gain more audience. This is where online reputation enters. Invest in good reviews to be successful in this area. Lastly, achieve. This is the measurement of a successful marketing strategy. If you haven't achieved one goal, then you ought to evaluate where you have gone wrong and restart.

    Darryl Tay