Thursday, November 29, 2012

Noel Pallet Sign

I have a HUGE mantel on my fireplace and debated how to decorate it this year!

I also had an old pallet that I picked up from a dumpster a couple months ago that I wanted to do a "project" with, but got busy!

So...2 ideas collided! LOL

I tore apart the pallet and just started cutting...

Voila..SIMPLE!  And something that you can make big, or small depending on the space you need to fill!

 I used liquid nail wood glue to piece the letters together!  I used what I had at home, but I would suggest getting "instant" liquid nail to hurry along the process.  I'm impatient and hated waiting overnight for the stinkin' glue to dry!  You can also use gorilla glue!

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